Love in sun’s coppice

Posted on آوریل 12, 2008


I have been sent from Eden.
I asked God permission to set foot on Earth.
I was tired of crying clouds and exhausted of Eden.
I desired new breeze.

God knew and gave me permission to leave by my wings.
I kissed all my fellow angles and said goodbye.

I went to Apple tree and kissed Serpent too.
Serpent smiled and wished me nice trip.

I took my snow white wings from dry cleaning near God`s residence.

I don’t know why God was tearful, while I was winging .
God put hands on my shoulder and wiped tears :
My Son be careful to fall in Love.
I dazzled and told: My Master you will be the first to know.God picked a fruit of the green Tree,
gave it to me and told :
My Son try to remember me in your heart by this.

I kissed red and white cheeks of My God and
threw myself from God`s dome .

My wings opened slowly and I landed on Island .
I wanted to watch back
but Sun didn`t let me .
Slowly start moving,
my feet led me to a green farm full of trees and lambs.

You have been tranquillizing lambs by your melody on pipe.
I sat quietly near you.
Your long black hair
dancing to the wind touched my face , smelled nice.
I put my head on your shoulder.
You didn`t move and I fell asleep.

When I woke up, everything was quite. Lambs were slowly ready to move.

I stood up.
I didn`t speak Earth language yet.
You whispered your language during our way to cottage.

I feel God`s fruit by my hand.
God is everywhere,
in the sky
on the earth,
in the sea near cottage.

You cooked me dinner on stoned fireplace
and showed me the bed .

You went to the field ,
picked wild flowers to put it in the bed.

God was sitting near window , smiling to me
and whirling silky dew.

You became wet , grew mild by dew and kissed me .

I looked at God.

God nodded and slowly I fell in Love.

I put my wings on the ledge
and started making Love
in the bed of flowers on the Earth .Till dawn was enough time and
God`s fruit was shining coloures around.
I felt peace in my soul while asked God`s permission to be in Love.

How careful, God escorted me.
Even Serpent gave me farewell.

I have time,
seven days and nights.
Till returning to God.

I should beg God for your wings too .
we will fly back together.
Maybe you will accept to stay in Eden by myside.

If don`t,
I will stay with you always.

I have my two wings and I have my GOD .

I am not worried
because falling in Love
in timeless world was not hard at all.

It needed just To Fall.
To Earth or
in Love.